CSJ Prayer of Consecration

As the Father has chosen you, O Mary, to be His Immaculate Child. Joseph’s spouse, and the Mother of His beloved Son and of the whole Church, in full communion with the Holy Spirit, so we choose you this day as Mother and Queen of our whole family; and we consecrate to you our souls and our bodies, all that we do and all that we have, without exception

Envelope each one of us with your most maternal mercy, Teach us to love Jesus and the Father always more, and in and through them, to love one another in the Holy Spirit, discovering one another evermore profoundly in the light of Jesus, respecting one another, and choosing one another each day with a more divine and simple love.

O Mary, Grant that each of us fulfill the Father’s will each day, in a more personal gift of ourselves, so that our whole family may bear witness, in the midst of the world, to the love of Jesus victorious over evil.