Morning Prayer

Oh Beloved Mother.
you who know so well the ways of Holiness and Love,
teach us to raise our minds and hearts often to the Trinity,
and to fix thereon our respectful and loving attention.
Since your journey with us on the path of eternal life,
do not be a stranger to the frail pilgrims
your charity is willing to shelter.

Turn your merciful gaze toward us;
draw us into your brilliance;
shower us with your kindness;
lead us into the Light and into the Love;
lead us ever further and higher
into the spender of Heaven.

Let nothing ever trouble our peace.
nor make us leave the thought of God;
but let each minute take us further
into the depths of the August Mystery,
until the day our souls,
fully blossomed by the light of the divine union,
will see all things in eternal Love and Unity.