“Sons of the Father, friends of Jesus, united by the Holy Spirit to live a fully evangelical life.”(Rule of Life of the Brothers of Saint John N° 1.).




The Community of Saint John, founded by Fr. Marie Dominique Philippe, was started on December 8, 1975. We were recognized by the Bishop of Autun (Burgundy, France) as a Religious Congregation of Diocesan Right in 1986.


Today, there are over 40 priories throughout the world. There are currently four priories in the United States – the novitiate house in Princeville IL, and priories in Laredo TX, Denver CO and Orange NJ. After a time of novitiate and formation, during which they endeavor to enter fully into the spirit of the family of Saint John, the Brothers live in small communities called priories. The apostolic activity of these priories seeks to be the wellspring of the contemplative and religious life of the Brothers. Therefore, their first role is to be an “oasis” of spiritual hospitality and of search for and communication of the truth.

Fundamentals of our Spiritual Life