“Be Still”

We are excited to share with you that Sr Teresa Immaculate just released an album entitled “Be Still.” All proceeds will go towards the Sisters’ building project in Princeville, which is why the album cost is a bit higher than a typical CD- $15.

The album has 7 tracks, 3 of which are personal compositions. The other four are hymns that you will recognize and love!

Here are some previews!

Thank you in advance for your support! A lot of time and energy went into the recording- it was such an incredible learning experience and it was amazing to witness the work of God behind every moment of it. This work is given back to Him in thanksgiving! And the sisters really pray that it will help many people enter into prayer and touch something of the goodness and mercy of God while listening.

To order/buy “Be Still”, you have several options!

For physical CDS: You can also order a CD at https://store.cdbaby.com/ 

Digital Distribution: The sisters would receive a greater profit for their fundraising project if you purchase the album/mp3s at https://store.cdbaby.com/.

(physical cds available as of 8/8, digital as of 7/31). There, you simply search for the Album Title or artist (Sr Teresa Immaculate)

However,  they will also be available at the following digital distributions for streamlining at their custom pricing worldwide: