Greetings from World Youth Day

Hello from Panama City ! We have had a great pilgrimage to the isttmus country. There are pilgrims from Taiwan, Holland, France, the USA and Mexico. We have run into brothers accompanying groups in their diocese from Montréal and from Austria as well. With our groups, we are brothers Johannes-Pio, Arnaud-Charbel, Jean (from Tainan, Taiwan), Michael Mary and John Michael Paul. We have also seen brothers Vicente, Mario and Maximilien-Marie at our vocations stand. We’ve been really blessed with incredible encounters, sharing and times of worship with Panamanians in the village of Chepo las Minas during our pre WYD mission, Chitré during the days in the diocese and here in Panama City at the parish of the Most Holy Trinity.

Tonight we great the Holy Father for the first time. Pray that we be docile to receive his message and to put into practice what he asks for us as missionaries for the entire church.

God bless us all,

Brother John Michael Paul+